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‘’68 Rule of War #2:’ Comic Book Review

If there was one comic I was looking forward to this month, it was ’68 Rule of War #2: A Man of Wealth and Taste. The second issue in this four-part series from Image Comics picks up right where #1 left off and continues in the positive direction of the fantastically frightening storyline with incredible art that steals the show.

In Issue #2, CIA Special Agent Declan Rule is still trying to find his son’s killer, yet things are starting to really heat up for both him and some survivors. The story by Mark Kidwell is still fast paced, with each frame wonderfully scripted. There’s plenty of tension to go around, with a plane filled with survivors running out of fuel and a crazed remote control zombie being controlled (?) by the enemy. The zombie dialogue sounds believable and is brought to life by more great lettering (by Tom B. Long). I personally found it loads of fun when reading the comic to make all the zombie sounds aloud to scare my dog. It took some of the edge off the creepy factor . . . and there was loads of creepiness to go around.

The art in this issue is just as amazing as Issue #1, and I was really glad to see that high standard of artistry maintained. This issue shows a bit more of the zombies than the last one, as to be expected, and there is no disappointment in that department. There are two covers to choose from, and both have their appeal. Cover A (by Nat Jones/Jay Fotos) displays an almost decaying brain with all kinds of strange things going on and wired for electricity screams evil, while alternate cover B (by Jeff Zornow/Jay Fotos) offers a silhouette of one of the zombie creatures ready to do what it does best. 

’68: Rule of War #2 delivers on every point the first issue did and then some. It is one to hold onto for years of zombie fun and left me dying to find out what happens in the next issue.




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