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‘In the Dark Horror Anthology:’ Advance Hardcover Review

Zombies. Specters. Demons. Werewolf Druids. Dinosaurs.

Okay, seriously, the In the Dark Horror Anthology has everything that a horror junkie could possibly want from the genre. The anthology is comprised of twenty-four short stories that each put their own spin on their interpretation of horror and suspense. The creative teams featured in this collection range from comic veterans to fresh meat, but what’s truly amazing about In the Dark is that the differences in the experience levels of those involved aren’t even noticeable as readers jump from story to story.

Each segment is its own entity with its own flavor, and I found myself devouring this book like a werewolf who comes across a group of poor, unfortunate villagers. Some stories are longer than others, and there are several that are more intricate in their storytelling, while others dropped readers right into it with little or no set up. To me, this kind of organization and selection of tales defines horror perfectly, and it really pays wonderful tribute to old EC favorites like Tales from the Crypt, as well as series like The Twilight Zone.

As I mentioned earlier, each segment is unique both in writing as well as art. There isn’t an overlapping style that is sometimes seen in other comic anthologies, and I think that including artists who have a more cartoony style with those who have an ink-heavy, alternative look to their work sets this book apart.

To everyone out there that loves horror in all its forms, In the Dark Horror Anthology is a total insta-buy. So, whether you prefer your chills drenched in gore, chasing you through a psychological mine field, or lurking like some ancient, unknown creature, the In the Dark Horror Anthology has a little something creepy for everyone. Groovy.




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