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‘X-Files Conspiracy: Transformers’ – Advance Comic Book Review (The Lone Gunmen ‘Roll Out’ the Next Chapter of Conspiracy)

When I heard the worlds of my two all-time favorite franchises of Ghostbusters and The X-Files would be colliding in IDW’s X-Files Conspiracy comic book series, I broke into an unintelligible jig that was akin to the eclectic dance stylings of Elaine from Seinfeld.  After reading the content of the book, many will be happy to hear they won’t have to witness that dance for a very, very long time.

While happy with the attempt, but disappointed with the results, I took a much lower expectation into my review of part four of the series, which included my favorite toy franchise to grace the planet, the Transformers.  The good news is that either my lower expectations helped, or this book was better in certain respects than the Ghostbusters crossover that preceded it.  Although, before you get too excited, you will want to read on.

Story-wise, the Lone Gunmen are now midway through their investigation to figure out how to stop the mutant alien virus that is spreading like wildfire through the nation and the globe.  In this chapter of the story, they unknowingly call upon the help of a few robots in disguise, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.  Both Autobots show up to the Gunmen’s invite, because they are hoping to rescue a fellow comrade who they think has been taken by the same Skylogic.  If that name sounds very Terminator-esque, then you probably aren’t going crazy.  The Lone Gunmen have determined that Skylogic is the responsible company behind the virus which could potentially wipe out mankind.   Did I mention there was also a time-travelling element to this series? (*Hack,  cough* Terminator *cough, cough*)

The first item of note has to do with the Lone Gunmen now being completely open and unquestioning of the alien-based life forms of the Autobots.  In fact, they are so quick to accept the backstory of Optimus Prime, they didn’t have one follow-up question, let alone one snarky remark about the validity of what would normally sound like such a far-fetched story.  Just to be clear, enormous alien robots that transform into automobiles they believe, but they draw the line at four guys who design nuclear equipment to try and catch supernatural phenomenon?  That being said, I’m happy to chalk that up to the boys being more open-minded after running into the boys in grey and the mutant pizza-loving turtles from the sewer.

On the subject of ninjas, I also found Langly’s use of ninja buddies with Bumblebee a bit juvenile. I know this comic is supposed to appeal to the generation of those like myself that used to play with these transforming toys back in the day, but I’m also 30 years old and would expect a little more from the writing coffers of those involved with this series.  Another disappointing sight was seeing Langly go full on Last Action Hero in attempting to save one of the lives of the Autobots.  Aren’t the Lone Gunman supposed to be underground hacker nerds with about as much physical prowess as a group of penguins?  I realize that the comic book world allows for characters to achieve different things, but completely changing the character for the sake of story pulls you right out of the story.

Nevertheless, minus these two rather significant missteps, I managed to find this chapter of the X-Files Conspiracy entertaining and satisfying, specifically with the progression of the story.  The reader learns more information as to who may be behind the virus and why, not to mention there are even a few cameos from the spooky one himself, as Mulder drops in to deliver some of the best lines of the series.

Despite the few times X-Files Conspiracy: Transformers tries to be something it’s not, the issue itself is not without its merits, and, thanks to the excellent artwork and story progression, proved to be one of the most entertaining installments of the series yet.  If you are a fan at all of the two franchises, I still recommend that you “transform and roll out” to your nearest comic shop to grab the issues.  (Well, at least the “roll out” part anyway.)




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