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‘Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #3’ – Advance Comic Book Review

The third of a twelve-issue series from Dark Horse Comics, written by J.M. Straczynski, art by Pete Woods, with colors by Matthew Wilson, and lettering by Nate Peikos of Blambot, Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #3 continues the ongoing saga of John Connor in his final battle against Skynet.

While Dr. Serena Kogan waits impatiently to enter cryonic suspension so the cancer can be purged from her body, Simon, one of John Connor’s soldiers from the future, is hot on the trail of convicted serial killer Thomas Parnell. Unfortunately, so are the three Terminators.  As Simon and the Terminators negotiate freeway traffic, there are few winners on this hellish commute as cars, people, and pretty much anything else that gets in their way is destroyed. The female Terminator deploysnew weapons which I’ve never seen before and make Simon’s task that much harder. All the while, Thomas Parnell is like a kid in a candy store, watching all the destruction which is caused on his behalf.  John Connor has launched his offensive, and we watch as the future and the present begin to mirror each other.

This issue starts off with a bang and is non-stop action virtually the whole way through. It definitely takes on a Fast and Furious tone which completely works at this point in the story. Making life dangerous for Simon at every opportunity, once again the female Terminator seems to have the best lines, as well as the best weapons. All things being equal among Terminators, she appears to be a little more equal and smarter than the other two. Since they are supposed to have the same cybernetic brains, I’d think they’d all know the same thing at the same time and not have to talk at all. I mean why talk at all since they can communicate wirelessly? But, no matter, I happen to like the snarky female Terminator.

The art and coloring are spot on, as each panel urges you to the finish line of highway destruction.  I love the splash pages, as they use space very effectively in giving you a sense that you are in the thick of it. It’s also pretty funny to have the Terminators driving around in what looks like a pink Hyundai.  (My question . . . is does anyone in Texas actually drive a pink Hyundai?)

All-in-all, a very solid job and totally fun issue, but be forewarned this series is really for the hardcore fan. The third issue will be available tomorrow at your local comic book stores.




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