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‘The Saviors #1:’ Comic Book Review

The Saviors comes to us from Image Comics, bringing writer James Robinson (Earth 2, Starman, The Shade) back to creator-owned comics with art done by J. Bone (The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror, The Spirit). Drawn in black and white, it suits the tone and mood well in what looks to be another alien conspiracy story.


Tomas Rivera is a slacker by pretty much every definition of the term. Living in a small town called Passburg somewhere in the south west, his main goals in life are to smoke weed, not work too hard, get laid occasionally, and smoke more weed. Not exactly your knight in shining armor.  His only other pastime is to watch the jets from the nearby military airbase do flybys in his spare time. Being the basically good guy that he is, he’s got friends who also expect very little of him. (SPOILERS) It isn’t until he accidentally witnesses a conversation between what is obviously an alien pretending to be a human military officer that his quiet, uneventful life is thrown off track and his life put in danger.

For me it started off a little sluggish, but then I saw what the writer was going for – a slow burn. We get enough time to like Tomas, his friends, and this little town which could be set in the mid-west if it wasn’t for the whole lizard analogy thing. We get nice, little hints of what’s to come by the subtle presence of the military always being in the background with a few jets flying around and a military type hanging out at the local bar.  I suspect the use of real science will be very low, and the different angles on conspiracy theories will be high as this story develops.  We are already faced with the implications of how an alien race infiltrated our military, and now we’re left to wonder how far up the levels of power this conspiracy goes. That is, if Tomas stays alive long enough.

Well written and paced with a good reluctant hero in Tomas, it very much feels like Mars Attacks in comic book form.  I anticipate Tomas will find allies in what will probably be his quest for the truth (Think of The X-Files.)  It would be great to see some nice, little unexpected plot twists in future issues, and, knowing the skill level of the writer, I suspect we’ll get some.




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