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‘Morning Glories #31:’ Comic Book Review

Morning Glory Academy touts itself as an elite prep school located in New York that helps students reach their potential through encouraging independent thought, resilience, and self-sufficiency. Only the most exceptional individuals are chosen to join the student body, and families are strongly encouraged to cut all ties with those enrolled; however, something dark lurks inside the academy’s walls, and students begin to rebel against the teachers and other authority figures. What is Morning Glory’s real goal, and what is their real purpose in harboring young talent in one place?

Issue #31 of Morning Glories deals with the aftermath of a tragedy that has struck down several members of the Morning Glory student body. The survivors react in very different ways: Ike continues to be his sarcastic self; Jun lashes out with violence; and Hunter turns inward to find answers from a mysterious dream. Hunter’s journey leads him to fellow students who can help him heal both his guilt and his trauma, and, under the guise of the AV club, they invite him to join a new project that could blow the lid open on the happenings of Morning Glory Academy.

Although I have only read a few early issues of Morning Glories, it was only slightly confusing to pick up again with Issue #31. The story line of this issue provides enough background to piece together an idea of the climax of the last four or five issues; however, people unfamiliar with any of the characters might find the plot and characterization a little difficult to follow. While I initially found Hunter’s strange insistence of tracking down the real-life things from his dream a little disconcerting, its resolution worked. The entire process introduced some new and potentially very interesting characters, including a brilliant young woman who just happens to use crutches due to weak legs. I was pleased that Hannah’s crutches were never addressed in the plot, because her abilities had nothing to do with her physical disability. She was smart, savvy, and willing to take risks, which were all more fundamental than her weakness.

I have enjoyed the artwork and color in all of the issues of Morning Glories I have read so far, but I noted that the colors seemed a little more muted than in my earlier reads. Given the more somber tone of this issue, I liked that the bright tones and cheery colors of the first issue were turned down a few notches to fit the emotional ambiance.

Overall, Morning Glories #31 was a good addition to the series, but it’s not necessarily a jumping on point; however, the evil and mayhem hinted at in the first issues finally has come to pass, and regular readers will enjoy the new developments with Hunter’s storyline. Fans of other characters may be disappointed that they barely appear in this issue, but there’s hope their story lines will grow in later issues.

4 Mysterious Latin Poems out of 5


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