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‘Luther: Series 3, Episode 4:’ TV Review

This is it. Luther is over. No more tweed jacket. No more blood red tie. No more villains that make your skin crawl. At least until they do a Luther movie. I hope they do. If it’s ever announced, I will be camped out like a Star Wars fan in anticipation of The Phantom Menace, but without the disappointment of finding out that midichlorians are what make Luther such a good detective.

In the show’s emotional finale, Luther is out for blood. The vigilante, mob-inducing serial killer Tom Marwood (Elliott Cowan) made Luther his mortal enemy at the end of episode three, and if the previous thirteen episodes aren’t any indication, that’s not where you want to find yourself. Without going into too much detail and ruining things for those who aren’t fully caught up, the stakes have never been higher this season. How high? High enough to bring everyone’s favorite serial killer without a heart, Alice Morgan (the delightful Ruth Wilson), out of hiding to come to John’s aide. I was happy to see Alice’s return. Her and John’s relationship is compelling to watch, and it’s great to see Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson share the screen again. Alice is Luther’s intellectual equal, and their playful relationship is terrific to watch. Outside of Luther, Alice is the most interesting character in the series. She’s a ruthless killer with a devious smile that lacks any sort of empathy, save for a soft spot for John. Alice’s quote, “Some little girls grow up wanting ponies. I always wanted to be a widow,” sums her character up precisely.

Writer/creator Neil Cross pulls out all the stops for Luther’s epic conclusion. We’re given everything we’ve come to expect from the show, riveting performances and heart-pounding suspense right down to the end. Per usual, things have conspired perfectly against John who is now on the hook for murder and attempted murder, thanks to the detectives running the Internal Affairs investigation against him and distorting the facts. He promptly escapes custody with Alice’s help and begins concocting his plan to bring Marwood down before he has the chance to kill Mary. There’s a lot of twists and turns throughout the episode, keeping you on the edge of your seat, wondering if Luther will be able to save the day this time.

Idris Elba’s performance is truly Emmy worthy. He’s one of my favorite actors who crushes every role he’s given. He brings a certain type of bravado to a role that not many actors can. In my humble opinion, the finale serves as a fitting conclusion to one of the most suspenseful, thrilling, and compelling television series I’ve seen. Bravo, Neil Cross, Idris Elba, et al. You had me hooked since Series One, Episode One and kept me intrigued every single episode. There’s not a ton of series that can do that. There’s always one or two throw away episodes. Not the case with Luther. Television at its finest.

Five stars


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