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‘Luther: Series 3, Episode 1:’ TV Review

The moment Luther fans have been waiting for is finally here. DCI John Luther (the incomparable Idris Elba) is back to take down some of London’s most ruthless and vicious killers, anyway possible. By his side, taking out London’s trash, is his trusted partner-in-crime (solving), DS Justin Ripley (Warren Brown). Lutherans (a term I coined just now for fans of the show) will also be pleased to know that all four episodes of the third season (or series, for BBC fans) will be released over four sequential days. That’s right, four straight nights of Luther! Boosh!

My anticipation level for the premiere of Season 3 was off the charts. Luther sets the bar for television crime drama and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats throughout each episode. John Luther is a compelling character with enough nuances in him that only an actor as talented as Idris Elba could portray him. John may be the modern-day, more bada– version of Sherlock Holmes, but when he’s done with that, an empty apartment with multiples of the same shirt and pant combinations awaits. That is, until he (literally) runs into Mary Day, his love interest this season.

The third season premiere gives a ton of awesome John Luther moments. Heck, the episode begins with helicopters buzzing over head, spotlights shining down on patrol, and SWAT officers with their weapons trained on a warehouse. Complete chaos. A moment later the door slowly opens and out from the burning building strides Luther, perp in custody. This bust has nothing to do with the rest of the season; it’s just an awesome beginning to the season to let fans know that Luther’s back. With the return of Luther, so comes the return of the crazies he’s dispatched with chasing, and boy is this season’s a doozy. Unfortunately, the creepy serial killer is the least of John’s worries . . . his biggest problem is the one he doesn’t know about. A tough former detective by the name of George Stark (most likely the John Luther of his era) and Luther’s old colleague DCI Erin Gray (Nikki Amuka-Bird) are mounting an internal affairs investigation against John. Yikes.

Needless to say, the premiere was everything I wanted it to be and a whole lot more.  It had me glued to my screen, eagerly waiting to find out what happened next. As expected, creator Neil Cross gives us a villain that sends shivers down your spine and will make you check every freaking inch of your apartment or home before going to bed at night. Luther fans rejoice. The third season looks to be just as good, if not better, than the last two. If you’re a fan of multi-layered stories, great acting, and good ol’ fashioned cops catching bad guys, Luther is a must watch. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and check my closet for creepy serial killers.

Five Stars out of Five




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