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‘Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #8’ – Advance Comic Book Review

The Prisoners of Time series is a great way for fans of the newer Doctor Who shows to get into the older Doctors. I feel Doctor Who is a show that requires you to have some foothold to get into the series; the older Doctor Who has a much higher learning curve than the newer seasons, and, as such, I have never really been able to get into it, but after reading Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #8, I might just make it into the series.

My own Doctor Who experience began with the episode “Blink.”  Despite the low interaction with the Doctor and the rather terrifying contents of the episode, I found myself hooked. The 8th issue feels a bit like “Blink” to me.

Though it is the middle of the series, the episodic nature of Doctor Who allows the lay fan to pick up and experience the nature of the mythology without much of a hiccup; however, I might warn that those entirely new to the series will find this a confusing intro, and it might take some explanation to really clarify what is going on.

To the veteran Whovian, they might find the story a bit predictable. X alien race “helps” Y alien race, but actually there is a horrible truth, which, the Doctor inevitable fixes. The formula is tried and true, albeit a bit boring, but nonetheless carries the story along.

Though well done, the art is nothing special; it does it’s job.

This story is great for fans of the show who want to dive deeper into the older Doctors without having to slog through 20 years of footage, but for the newbie fan it might be quite intimidating.

Max W. Beaulieu, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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