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‘Dark Skullkickers Dark #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Dark Skullkickers Dark 1

Dark Skullkickers Dark 1Dark Skullkickers Dark #1 is a terrific read. It’s filled with action, drunken buffoonery, clever concepts and colorful characters. The art is terrific, the writing is lively, and, ultimately, I only had one tiny reservation about the book, which is that I had absolutely no idea what was going on. This isn’t the fault of the writer, at least not in the way you’d think.

See, Dark Skullkickers Dark is not the first issue of anything. It’s a random issue of the book Skullkickers, now well into its 4th major story arc. If you knew this already than:

A. Aren’t you just soooooo clever?

B. You probably read this series already

C. This review is not for you. You can keep reading though. If you really want to.

The idea, which is helpfully explained in an afterword by the author, was to make fun of the endless re-launching that Marvel and DC are always putting their readers and characters through in a soulless strategy to drum up new business, by releasing random issues under alternative titles and with variant covers. The funny thing is, it appears to be working. I, for one, am going to give this title a shot. Here are a couple of reasons why.  It had:

     1. Gorilla People.

     2. Archetypal Infinite Bar wherein the apparently central characters meet doppelgangers of themselves and drink to great excess.

     3. People hitting each other. A lot.

     4. A dwarf with a demon’s power in his leg. Curious how it got there. Suspect it may be gross.

     5. And, despite harboring a general distaste for being bamboozled, I thought this stunt was pretty funny.

You got me, you bastards. You got me.



Walker Faison, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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