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‘Saga Volume 2:’ Advance TPB Review

Saga V2


Saga V2The comic book Saga is one of the best books I have read in years. I say that with no levity; it is an incredible menagerie of writing and art, and I personally feel that if the comic continues the way it has been going, it stands a good chance of being the next The Walking Dead.

There is something wonderfully massive in Saga, a space opera played out on a grand stage with intricate and unexplained complexities that just screams, “I am big, and you won’t understand all of me ever!” and it’s fantastic that way.

I like to look at the trade paperbacks and look at what they give us on top of the comic book, and, in this case, it’s about average. A few pieces of art or special covers tucked away in the back cover. This is a no-frills reader’s book. It isn’t something that I’d reccomend for the hardcore collector, but for anyone who hasn’t read Saga, it will do the job.

The only real issue I have (haha . . . puns) is that Saga is one of those books you lose something from not reading issue to issue. There was one point (MINOR SPOILERS) when a certain character gets flung out into space, and I was seething and had to wait a month in suspense to see if she was alive or dead. (END OF SPOILERS) Trades tend to cheat the reader out of that visceral suspense.

That said. Read Saga. Go and get #1 and then start reading #2, and when you are done, write gushing fan letters to the creators. That is an order. No really, just do it.

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