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‘Hellboy Library Edition Volume 6:’ Advance Hardcover Review

Hellboy Library Ed V6

Hellboy Library Ed V6Mike Mignola and the various talent powerhouses that create Hellboy do not need my vindication.

The work in this book has been reviewed and re-reviewed, so I am not really going to focus on the book’s content but, instead, its form.

While, normally, the Library Editions of books are simply the trade paperbacks bound in a hardback form, Hellboy Volume 6 gives us quite a bit more.

The book does contain the continuing adventures of Hellboy. A huge shout out to Mike Mignola, Duncan Fegredo, Dave Stewart, and Clem Robins. The Storm and the fury continues the tradition of bringing art and storytelling to mythic proportions.

What sets this work apart from many other coffee table-style comic book editions is the wealth of one shot stories, artwork, and commentary included. I expected the book to contain artwork from the main story, but I was actually delightfully surprised to find commentary and concept art from the several standalone stories also included. Overall, the book contains a wealth of content that justifies buying the library edition over say the trades.

A warning: jumping into this book with no prior Hellboy experience and no context of the last book will bewilder the newer reader.

If the feeding and watering of yourself still looms drearily on the horizon, like some pack of hyenas going after your wallet, skip buying Hellboy Library Edition Volume 6 and feed the hyenas, but try your best to get away from them, save up, and get a copy; it really is worth it for a fan.

(Full disclosure: I have met Mr. Mignola twice, and both times he was generous enough to speak a few words to me, and sign something. If you are reading this, “Thanks, Mike!”)



Max W. Beaulieu, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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