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‘The Longest Road:’ Book Review

The Longest Road


The Longest RoadThe Longest Road, a zombie novel by A.S. Thompson, is a simple, fun read. The story follows five brothers and cousins as they make their way to the safety of California in a state-of-the-art RV after the zombie outbreak claims the rest of their family. The five have been hunting since they were kids, have varying skill at marksmanship, and one of them has military experience, which is how Thompson makes their survival believable.

I really liked the end. The last line followed by “The End” was literally my favorite part of the book. The beginning, however, was torturously slow. This may be my cut-to-the-chase pacing preference, which makes it impossible for me to get past the first few chapters of LOTR (Tom Bombadil needs to die, for serious.), but I was extremely relieved when zombies finally started eating people.

As with any zombie novel worth its salt, The Longest Road has lots of shooting, close calls, sad of-all-people-to-die moments, and plenty of rotty-faced zombies. Also, with any good zombie novel, the suspense-filled carnage didn’t stop ’till the very end.

Likes: Zombies, no one is safe, the humor, lots of shooting, zombies, believable dilemmas and solutions, and zombies.

Gripes: Slow to start, the author has a habit of telling not showing and stating the obvious.

3 out of 5 Long-Range Rifle Head Shots




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