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‘Skyward #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Skyward 1


Skyward 1At its core, Skyward is filled with that childlike sense of adventure that makes a good children’s fantasy story. The story itself is somewhat familiar, at least in Issue #1, mapping out what appears to be the beginning of the classic hero’s journey. But, though the story is simple, there’s a lot of potential in it for great things.

The story opens with Quinn, learning to fish from his father, Corin. Corin seems to be a simple man and a loving father, but traces of his mysterious—and adventurous—past lurk just below the surface. When a stranger from that mysterious past shows up at their door, Quinn is thrown headlong into a world he never knew, filled with peril and adventure.

The comic starts off a little talky but has some good action in it, as well. The dialogue has that rather ornate epic feel to it that’s common in this type of fantasy, but it pulls it off well, making it rather a fun read, even during the talky bits.

The artwork is bright and imaginative, though not entirely clear when it comes to the time and place where the story is set. The motif says “generic fairy tale world,” though with a slightly modern vibe that gives it more of a casual feel. And, there are, of course, monsters and fantastical creatures, which are always a lot of fun.

Children will definitely enjoy Skyward. Adults may find it a bit formulaic and somewhat uneven at times. But, it’s still an entertaining story. And, those are worth pursuing at any age.



Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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