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‘Super Zeroes:’ Film Review

Super Zeroes


Super ZeroesThe best word to describe Super Zeroes is quirky. But, in a good way, not a douchetastic, trying-too-hard way.

The story is about three guys who own and maintain a porta potty business – or, as they put it, “moving movements” – who gain superpowers from a small meteor after it hits their house. Ya know, as you do.

This movie feels like a vehicle to make one long string of inside jokes, yet somehow manages to keep from being tedious while doing it. Some scenes even seem to be more motivated by the joke than moving the plot forward, such as a scene that serves only to introduce the movie’s tagline, “Get Awesome.”

The reason this works instead of being terrible is because it isn’t pretentious. Where some movies give a wink and a nudge each time they think they’ve said something clever (“Look how funny and quirky that was!”), Super Zeroes feels authentically fun.

My only issue was the pacing. But, considering I throw anything that isn’t moving at a breakneck pace into the glacial category, that might just be me. And, I can forgive this since it started out in my favorite way, by showing a few moments of the drama at the end, then jumping back to tell how the characters got there.

This is definitely a fun movie to throw on for a quick laugh.

Four out of Five Magic Meteors






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