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‘House of Gold & Bones #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

House of Gold and Bones 1


House of Gold and Bones 1You wake up in a strange place, no idea how you got there, and you know almost instantly you are being chased by . . . something. You run towards a structure, a little boxy house . . .

What House of Gold & Bones presents to me is the feeling of a dream world that is vast and sweeping, unhindered by reason, and pushed forward into the sublime.

The Good

I have read a multitude of stories from varying genres. It is difficult for a story to create a sense of mystery and suspense for me. House of Gold & Bones created this sense of mystery, in both its content and tone.

I am asking questions: Who is this main character? Why is he here? What is this place? But, House of Gold & Bones answers back in riddles and double talk. (MINOR SPOILER: I am not quite sure if the main character is dead, in another world, dreaming, or going insane.)

At first, I was dismayed that the characters were not “pretty” in a traditional comic book sense. But, after finishing the first book, I realized that the art style served the story exceptionally well, enhancing the dream-like quality of the book. 

Major props go to panel design. I found the layout at first a bit confusing, but this simply added to the disorienting effect of the story. The artist went out of his way to try and break with the comic book norm and did so well.

The Bad

House of Gold & Bones is weird, very weird, and if you like having a full grasp of what is going on in the story, you might not enjoy the rather jarring ride that the story takes. The story isn’t exactly the easiest to follow, and the series seems to want to reward those who read it carefully.

The Verdict

Read House of Gold & Bones #1. I think it has real potential to become something amazing, and I can’t wait to see where this story goes. If you like anything psychedelic, this is the thing for you.

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Max W. Beaulieu, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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