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‘Ehmm Theory #1’ (Something Stunted This Way Groans): Comic Book Review


Ehmm Theory1All I can say (minor spoilers!) is that I really hope that if I am ever gunned down prematurely by a jealous girlfriend (not likely but well within the scope of the possible), I truly hope that I am brought back by Saint Peter to fight the vertically challenged undead. Who are also circus folk. Carnies. Small hands. Smell like . . . you get it. This is the task set to Garbiel Ehhm of Ehhm Theory.

This book is hilarious. Tongue set firmly in cheek, Brockton McKinney’s story is the rollicking adventure of a scruffy servant of heaven (who, incidentally, in Larkin Ford’s excellent artwork looks a lot like Yorick Brown) and his bro, the talking kitten Mr. Whiskers, battling hordes of sideshow, half pint, brain biters for the sake of . . . just because. I guess. I cannot stress this enough: Zombie. Circus. Midgets.

The set-up is quickly revealed. The truth is I’ve revealed a lot of it to you already, but that doesn’t really matter. The fun of this book comes in the banter between Gabriel and his furry companion and it’s grindhouse zombie fighting Bad A–ery. Bad A–itude. Baditude A–ery. Whatever.

Lest you think this story overly simplistic, the dialogue is actually quite clever and there are sufficient developments at the end of issue one (I haven’t revealed that muc.h) to have this reader guessing as to the backstory of our befuddled hero and wondering where the tale proceeds from here. Falling under the descriptive umbrella of Action Lab: Danger Zone, this comic is exactly what it promises to be. Fun, funny, and entirely absorbing. I’m looking forward to the second bite.

Issue #1 can be purchased at

Walker Faison, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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