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‘The Rise of the Antichrist #6:’ Comic Book Review

Betvin Geant and Kay continue their chronicling of the bringer of the second coming, and it seems that the “wandering in the wilderness” part is over.  Having confronted what he believes to be Satan, Michael is ready to preach to his flock and, of course, perform miracles.  Adam and Noa continue to get to know one another and seem to be excluded from the wildfire spread of Michael’s message and suddenly booming online presence.

Most of what Geant has based his story upon is direct quotes from different versions of the Bible, but in this issue we see most of it coming from Michael and being directed at the multitudes, rather than just his father in the flashback sequences.  This correlates to the beginning of Christ’s preaching, which lasted three years in the Bible before the trial and crucifixion, and it seems that Michael is going full out, appearing on talk shows and “dressing” the part in clothing that connotes the Messianic.  The interesting thing is that all of the miracles he enacts are all still related to the electrical energy that we’ve seen him manifest before as a result of the lightning strike.  I find it interesting, because it seems that we can make our own judgments as to whether the powers and events are metahuman or divine.  Since we’ve only seen the devil character with Michael where no witnesses are, we can’t simply discount that he may have been a vision only in Michael’s abused and confused noggin.  The real questions lie with Adam who may be shaping up to his Genesisian counterpart. I’m very eager to see where his storyline goes and how everything will eventually come together.

The artwork continues to hit its high marks with some fun layout work happening with the inclusion of social media this time around, which I really enjoyed.  Not the social aspect of it, but the good way Kay integrated it into the style of the series was very well done.  I have to say that the consistency with which we’re tossed from location to location and sometimes through time has been very navigable and never confusing, which just credits Kay with a very solid and focused style.

The questions continue to pile up, and it seems that things will be getting moving in short order.  It should be interesting once things really get underway with so much of the setup having been done. It’s certain to be a wild ride.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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