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‘I Hate Fairyland #2:’ Comic Book Review

I’m so going to hell.

But, that’s okay. I’ll be getting in line to get Skottie Young’s autograph. It’ll be great.  Once again, we dive into Mr. Young’s twisted vision of a young girl getting her wish to be in Fairyland, and the blood flows like whiskey down a gunslinger’s gullet.  Yeah, this is the kind of hyper-violent joy ride that is just perfect for the folks who loved Happy Tree Friends.  Cute goes splat, squish, and blooey with enough caustic wit to melt a pastor’s resolve and set him to a$$-kicking.  If you couldn’t tell, I absolutely love this series and can’t wait for each issue to hit shelves.

Skottie Young has such an astounding talent for high-paced, high-IQ, low-brow snark, it’s as if Aaron Sorkin started putting dork and fart jokes into long hallways to trip over while talking a whole lot.  The cursing is adorable in this world, as it seems “Muffin Fluffer” is the crudest thing that can escape our heroine’s lips, and it manages to convey the truest inflection of some world-class crass.  All this in prose that manages to create sound inside your head that resonates with delightful and slightly manic joy.  I can’t sound off enough on how happy the dialogue makes me. It’s just so damn acerbic and smart.  Once again, he pulls off a one-off comment that makes the issue for me and has to do with consuming nothing but sugar for thirty odd years.  I won’t ruin here, you’ll have to check it out.

I still can’t get my head around how fun Young makes his world.  There are panels that I could just stare at for hours; every one of them is composed so well that it tells the story without needing the words.  I noticed this time that I reread the issue immediately when I finished it. Sometimes, I’ll go through a review title again if I’m stuck or I got sucked down a YouTube rabbit hole, but this is the first time I can recall loving an issue so much that I wanted to immediately experience it again.  It reads so quickly that thirty pages fly past in no time, and I just crave more.

I also have to give credit to the completeness of Skottie Young’s work.  From cover to cover, every inch of this book has the same tone and level of dedication. Even the back cover has a little note from the author that continues his very unique and profound voice.

If you wanna laugh like there’s no consequences, then you need to be reading this series.  It’s my number one funny book series of all time, and I think you’ll certainly put it in your top ten.  Let’s let Image and Mr. Young know that we want more.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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