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‘Fight Club 2 #6:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Who is Tyler Durden?!  And, why . . . ?

We all knew that Chuck Palahniuk had found something true and deeply unsettling in the novel, Fight Club, which grew to be even scarier in the feature film.  The third medium for Tyler Duren seems to be the most bone-chilling of all, as Fight Club 2 continues with huge revelations and even more mind-warping twists that make it hard to stay on top of just how messed up this narrative can be.

Okay, I can’t tell you what happens this time around, but when last we saw Tyler/Sebastian, he was out with the offshoot of Project Mayhem hosing down priceless works of art with their own blood.  Yeah, that’s nothing compared to what comes in this issue.  We learn not only more about what Tyler is [and it’s not quite what we expected, I gotta tell you.  Yes, it seems open and shut with a dissociative disorder, but Palahniuk manages to toss in another level of messed up, like Luke kissing Leia messed up (No, not literally . . . Marla’s not related, but who knows the way this thing is going?)], but we get to see what his true legacy and long term plan are.  Mixing genetics and mental disease, I’m really happy that this is just the ranting of a madman who chose the pen and not world domination.  Every issue has increased the level of mind-bending, and this one goes all out.  We also get a fun callback to the first book/movie again, and it’s spectacular.

Cameron Stewart is still keeping up with the mental skullduggery that Palahniuk is tossing out, and I really hope he’ll be okay.  The images throughout fit so well with the craziness going on that it elevates everything together.  I came to the original through the movie, so the artwork has been good for me to keep the connection to the characters and story, and I really think that this is the medium that can tell Chuck’s story the best.  The characters remain rich and detailed, and the first few pages with the JFK conspiracy have such a good series of nods and winks that you can feel how well Chuck and Cameron work together.  It’s prettier than you want, at times, and it’s really cool to see.

If you thought that the narrative was going to settle in and start progressing in some kind of normal sense, then you’re just silly.  The swings keep landing, and you’ll be breathless and ready for the next issue when you hit the last page.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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