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‘Midnight Society: The Black Lake #4’ – Advance Comic Book Review

When that which goes bump in the night goes boom.

The finale of Drew Edward Johnson’s first creator-owned series comes to an abrupt and explosive conclusion. The Loch Ness Monster has been rampaging because someone stole its offspring, and it’s up to Matilda Finn, our heroine and resident were–mer-person (Seriously, how do you do that when both modifiers happen in front of the word?  I mean she could be a selkie, but she doesn’t quite fit that one, either.) has to deal with a quiet op gone very loud and still make it out alive.

The story finishes up rather as you’d expect, with Agent Finn having to take out the wee beastie before she goes rather ape-shot on the Loch and its surroundings.  We get introduced to new abilities held by Finn in her fishy form, as well as a new character back in the safety of the museum, treating us to a larger world dependent on the actions of the Midnight Society.  In this, we’re given a preface into a much more in-depth storyline, should the series pick back up later.  I will say that I was a touch disappointed with the resolution, but Agent Finn is as well, so the mirroring makes me feel that it was intentional to better appreciate Matilda’s journey and the true tragedy of the arc.  Being a mystical creature herself, and being in the company of others like her, she has valid concerns of eliminating anything beautiful and unique from the world.  It’s very reminiscent of the scene from Hellboy: The Golden Army when Red takes down the forest spirit.  It’s the letdown of adrenaline and moral purity all at once and gives a mature emotional tone to the arc.

Once again, Johnson’s artwork shines, perfectly translating action on the page.  The world continues to be believable and solid, with even the most fantastic elements fitting alongside the mundane without a visual schism separating them.  There’s still a bit of exaggeration in the female characters, but it’s less noticeable this time round. It’s just a touch jarring once you see it.  Johnson has a great knack at conveying feelings through expression and body language, and there’s never a question of what’s going on in the minds of his characters.  The final few pages show just how good he is at this, and it makes the resolution better for it.

Hellboy fans and X-Files lovers alike will enjoy the finish and should have a good time with the series as a whole.  I was intrigued by the premise enough that I’d come ’round again if we get the chance to visit this world in the future.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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