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‘Ego Rehab: Tales from the Boneyard #1’ – Comic Book Review

The youth will set you free.

David Crosland brings us a new series that explores his own life as an artist, having fallen into a rut where watching bad reality TV has become more gratifying than finishing a comic.  Confronted with a younger, exceptionally energetic version of himself, he explores his own creative process and the things that get in the way.

I enjoy Crosland’s Pixar take on his creative process. It’s a fun look into the mind of an artist in this medium.  The script is smart and fun, and one of my favorite lines is David saying, “Didn’t you hear my list of excuses?”  It’s a mature, yet tongue-in-cheek, look at himself, and he’s not afraid to be critical of his foibles.  It’s a fun-filled world full of anthropomorphic representations of his psyche playing havoc with his drive to finish a project, and we’re set up with an interesting chase that he’ll be embarking on.  I think there’s a lot of potential with what he’s shown so far, and with his honest and open view of himself, I think he’ll make it a very enjoyable series.

I like the funky, dark look of the black-and-white artwork.  Most of the action takes place in smaller areas like his apartment or in lush, trackless jungle.  The color works to add mood and emphasize that we’re in his mind.  When the scenes open up, the color makes the beautiful vistas take on an otherworldly air, making things seem majestic and somewhat terrifying at the same time.  The art style is loose and fun and reminds me a bit of Samurai Champloo.  Extreme angles and sharp cuts make the world and characters very dynamic in every panel.

A fun look into the world of a creator’s mind, this fun and intelligent romp strips away the artifice and looks to tell a pure story that anyone can identify with.  It’s worth a look if you’re hunting for a very human story without all the powers and dire circumstance.  It’s a fun book.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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