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‘Dragonlance Chronicles: Volume 2’ – TPB Review

Est Sularus oth Mithas

If you saw my review for the first volume, you’ll know that Weiss and Hickman ushered me into the realm of fantasy and nerddom at large.  If you didn’t, now you do through an admittedly awkward-sounding intro.  Either way, you’re here to hear what I think about the compilation of the series adapted from the books.  In short, I love it.  Some mildly spoilery things lie ahead, but these books have been out for quite some time.

I wasn’t into comics when these came out; I just hadn’t expanded my world in that way yet.  But now, I’m so happy to see these adaptations brought together in these beautiful volumes.  I’m still going to love the books first, but this is as faithful a media crossover as any I’ve seen, and Andrew Dabb pulls precisely what he needs from the novels to enrapture us with the wonderful story.  There’s a lot of material to cover, and he did a great job coaxing the essence out of it while cutting it down to the style of the comic.  Yes, there are odd moments, such as when Theros Ironfeld basically walks out of the woods and is now in the party, but that’s pretty much how it happened in the books, too, so it feels more like a tongue-in-cheek admission at the oft-silly nature of the series.

Steve Kurth truly brings Krynn alive, and there are so many amazing moments in Winter Night that he nails straight on the head.  The twisted forest of Qualinost, Raistlin’s bargain, Huma’s Shrine, Tannis and Kitiara’s boots: all of them as regal, terrifying, and scintillating as they were in my head so long ago (with a little mix of style reminiscent of Thundercats, to be perfectly honest).  The grand vision, however, comes with Sturm’s showdown. I won’t give up what happens here, but it’s a pivotal moment for many characters emotionally and even more so for the reader, and it’s handled gorgeously.  Even if I weren’t that into the story, I would want that panel on my wall.  Action never falters, though there are times when you’re hard pressed to keep track of all the characters.

Anyone who digs high fantasy in the Tolkein tradition will feel right at home here, and fans of the novels will love this adaptation of the Chronicles.  Tas will grab a copy for you, to keep it safe from thieves.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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