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‘Mulan: Revelations #2’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Hold on tight, it’s boom time.

Through the first two issue of this series, we’ve been treated to a wonderful cyberpunk/ancient world mashup, and young Mulan has found herself at the mercy of forces beyond her control or understanding.  But, now it’s time to rock and roll.  Becoming what she’s always meant to become, it’s time for Mulan to swing big at everyone that’s trying to contain her.

Marc Andreyko brings life to Robert Alter’s world and keeps the action and pacing tight and energetic.  The groundwork has been laid carefully in the first two issues, and now it’s time to see what she’s made of.  It’s a typical progression but no less satisfying for being so.  It’s gratifying knowing the @$$-whoopin’ that’s in store for the antagonists, and things continue escalating into the final image.  I’m not sure how they’ll be able to wrap this tale up in the remaining issue, but this is definitely a world I would love more time with.

Micah Kaneshiro has a vibrant and fluid style that lends itself to the action without detracting from the interesting, time-hopping storyline.  He gives us a very Shadowrun feel to the visuals, and it marries perfectly with Andreyko’s script.  The action is easy to follow and very satisfying; nothing seems out of place or added to effect. It’s all integral to the character-driven narrative and its bevy of beat-downs.

Still hitting every note in a fun spin on the Shadowrun-type world, the team at Mulan: Revelations is giving us a solid sci-fi outing that’s a whole lot of fun.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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