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‘Rise of the Antichrist #3:’ Comic Book Review

Jesus loves me, this I know . . .

The next chapter in Michael’s journey is another long step away from what is known, and further into either the delusion or the righteous path . . . whichever way it leans.  Following his heart, running from his mind, and tempering his actions with the overabundance of Biblical teachings, Michael finds himself helping those who he feels need it while being helpless in many ways himself.

I find Betvin Geant’s work fascinating.  He’s using Scripture to torment his protagonist, and though it pushes heavily toward the idea of mental instability or illness, there’s enough credibility within Michael’s faith that lends itself to the possibility – what if he’s right?  The latter is certainly not the majority opinion, but what I like about this book so much is how even with the mounting evidence, the series of improbable coincidences is a little too perfectly placed.  Unless Michael is truly one of the most unlucky delusional maniacs in the history of everywhere (the type of sadistic work from a creator that lead us down that merry, little path of Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe), or there’s something beyond explanation happening to him.  Of course, his whole Neo lightning trick seems to back that play, as well, but it’s a fascinating dichotomy to watch unfold. 
This issue shows Michael struggling more with the seeming contradictions within the Bible and within folks he encounters, and I’m really interested to see if this goes all Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and something comes through the wall.

Kay’s art continues to perfectly balance this unbalanced story, and the moments of psychological trauma are handled in a very visceral way.  What’s interesting is that the style switches with each episode, some going the route of terror into his mind while others take on a more psychedelic path.  Every moment seems spontaneous and unpredictable, which is terribly interesting to see.  The consistent tone plays in counterpoint to this and makes for very cool eye candy.

The Rise of the Antichrist #3 is great for anyone who doesn’t mind someone playing with the Bible as source material and enjoys a bit of a mystery with perhaps the aspects of big “M” Mysteries. (Bible thing, something vague about Mary?  Been a long time since Catechism.)  If nothing else, it’s a heck of a weird ride.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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