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‘Biowars #1:’ Comic Book Review

I’ve got you . . . under my skin . . .

War never changes, not in your body, anyway.  Gabriel Creations brings us the best anthropomorphized version of our immune system since Osmosis Jones.  Okay, this is actually much better, but how often do you get to reference that particular movie?  Taking a look at the microscopic systems that protect our bodies in a fun and action-filled way is really fun, and then there’s the macroscopic consequences to deal with, as well.

The story focuses on the defense of the body against an invading pathogen, and though the characterizations are exaggerated, the biology that forms the basis of the narration is very interesting and informative.  I enjoy mixing a little education in with my fun at times, and Mark Powers uses it to develop the world very creatively, giving us a front row seat to how the body processes an infection, but in a wholly stylized way.  We meet a lot of people/systems in this first issue, and though there’s not enough time to raise them above certain tropes and stereotypes, there are hints at the depth and growth possible in each of them.  This is a whole lot more fun than trying to stay awake in 9th grade Bio, and I think I’m learning more, too.

The artwork of this issue is what really makes it sing; this team is no joke.  There’s a kind of hyper-stylized realism to the work here, and it’s simply beautiful.  There are a lot of double-page spreads, and each one might as well be in a frame on the wall.  There’s an incredible amount of detail in every panel, and you could stay on a page for a while just marveling at every image.  The action sequences are jaw-droppingly good, and the moments of stillness are just exquisite.

Biowars is a fun, higher-level romp for anyone who has an interest in the human body, anyone who loves a tough, gritty story, and especially anyone who loves to get lost in a panel’s visuals.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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