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‘Atlas Origins #1:’ Comic Book Review

Your perspective determines your reality.

This new comic series by Dave Swartz is a look at a modern-day superhero – not in the sense that an amazing event of gamma rays or too many TV dinners have given powers to an unsuspecting everyman, but that through an understanding of modern scientific thought and discovery, some people have found a way to harness the mystery of the universe around them and choose to become more.

We’re presented with an unusual choice for a hero, Peter Kline, a man separated from his family for unseemly reasons when the world pretty much goes to hell and takes them with it.  Wallowing in grief and self-pity, he’s ready to find a new path, when a stunning one is presented to him from Gaya, a sage who will teach and guide him in learning the powers in the world that anyone can access.  There’s a lot of jumping around in this issue, but at the end of each, there’s a journal written by our hero filling in the gaps we have and making a good use of non-linear storytelling to keep the story moving while giving us a chance to digest and explore more at the end.

The artwork is very clean, and there are a lot of beautiful moments brought to brilliant life in these panels.  The artistic eye takes a very documentary style; we see things as they happen from outside, which really brings an impact when we’re struck with a moment of seeing though Peter’s eyes and being blown away by some cool compositions.

If you’re a fan of science and philosophy meeting over a moving and rich story, this is definitely a work you should check out.   The whole first and second issue are available online, and you can help fund more of this story by getting aboard Mr. Swartz’s Kickstarter campaign to get a physical copy in your hands, as well as help get more of this intriguing story out of his head and onto these pretty and engaging pages.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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