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‘Cosmic Force #5: Aftermath’ – Comic Book Review

A little change can mean a lot.

It’s been three months since the showdown between the Cosmic Force and the military in the parking lot of the abandoned theme park.  Since then, Martial Law has ruled the Islands, and each side has had the chance to convalesce and rearm.  Blamed for their own deaths, the members of the Force struggle with public perception and their own demons while the military buffs out their numbers and equipment for the next showdown.  And, all the while, the personal struggle for some plays out.

To be honest, this feels like the story that creator Allen Carter has wanted to tell all along: the isolation of our unintended heroes and their loved ones.  We’re always hearing about great power and great responsibility, but we’re not often given the glimpse of the great cost.  Carter handles this with deep sincerity, really allowing for these characters to live and have lives that still matter to those who don’t know the real reason for their disappearance.  How do you tell someone it’s you when you’ve changed so much?  And, how do you stay away from them until you find a way?  These are the questions that Carter asks himself and us through the Aftermath.

The art style continues with its vibrant palette and tone.  Though the Five are less expressive facially than when they remained human, Carter has a strong sense of composition and body language that serves well to underscore his script and truly bring the emotion home, even in a gesture as small as a touch.

There’s a lot of potential with this series, and so far I’ve enjoyed the ride and look forward to the next chapter.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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