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‘Tales of the Brothers Three: The Sock-Sucking Bandit’ – TPB Review

A moose just can’t get ahead.

Joshua Hauke delights and inspires with his new set of tales with the Brothers Three.  Feeling like a cross between Calvin and Hobbes and Foxtrot, Hauke’s style of family-friendly and family-feuding humor manages to perfectly capture that wonderful childhood time where adventure was everywhere and mischief wasn’t far behind.  Every story will remind you of that one rambunctious family that everyone seemed to know (and if it doesn’t, it was you), where the lines of adult/kid were somewhat blurred in an indescribable way, some sense of group fun where the truth and imagination mixed, and only the mark wasn’t in on the gag.

The Brothers Three are a well-balanced group:  the studious one; the cool one; his imaginary friend/stuffed animal; and the youngest whom – being closest to an animal in nature – my grandmother would refer to as a hellion.   Each takes a turn at being the mark or the smart one, and trouble is usually begun in the middle.  Added to this are a refined and resigned father and the kind of mom that amazes with her ability to get things done and is totally normal until some weirdness shows up that makes you like her even more.  Intro’d by a mounted moose head, each story has a great hook and wonderful sense of fun and adventure.  The Sock-Sucking Bandit is just the first and longest tale in this collection; the volume is filled with other misadventures that feature the same brand of “mostly wholesome” fun that resonates so well with adults and children alike.  My favorite story comes with the snow, a short and wacky tale that takes the convention of its story and smacks your funnybone with it at the end.  Pure genius.

The art style feels very much like the cartoons I grew up with, having the spongy fluidity of a Darkwing Duck or Tiny Toon Adventures.  With a dark, yet colorful, palette, Hauke conveys a sense of coziness that can blossom into trouble very easily.  Things seem to be one step from weird all the way through, and each story’s conceit is displayed wonderfully on the page.

Perfect for anyone with a family or someone who loves to wax nostalgic for their own youthful adventures, Tales of the Brothers Three is an excellent series that bags a tongue-in-cheek look at the great fun that can be had in any household and seems like the kind of series that everyone can enjoy.  Check out this latest volume today, and see how far down the rabbit hole goes.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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