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‘Munchkin #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

You’ve already read this already.

Tom Siddell takes a swing at the time-travel tropes of the last 20 years and has a rip-roaring time with it.  Once again proving he’s an adept hand at taking conceivable ideas and poking holes in them while throwing in meta jokes all over, he crafts a confusing mind bender that lambastes the rules and then follows them perfectly.  

Straying the most from the title brand, this issue decides to take the title treatment to places it hasn’t yet been, giving us a glimpse into the “could-be” of potential franchise fun.  Whovians will groan at the inclusion of two high school dinguses, but, as a dingus fan, I got quite a chuckle.

Ian McGinty lends his styling once again to the series and seems to enjoy the lampoon fest as much as Mr. Siddell.  Having the freedom to make the ridiculous into the sublime works well for him, and every page is a fun poke at one movie or another.

Giving the Munchkin treatment to other worlds and nerd-doms is part of the fun of the whole institution of a game that was meant to bust up the typically over-important tabletop sessions of yore.  Your?  Yorn?  Yorn.  Check it out when it hits shelves this week.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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