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‘Giant Days #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Justice is blind, and crafty.

John Allison continues his great series in this third issue.  We now feel comfortable with our three protagonists, as they are also getting so with settling in to college life.  Things are still new for both and surprise rears its head quickly when things go beyond the acceptable.  This issue is certainly my favorite so far, because it seems that the voice of the series is really taking shape, and it’s one that truly deserves to be heard.

Allison consistently amazes me with his dialogue; the wit is fast paced but not overdone, making the conversations seem as real as those we’ve all had with friends over the years. There are still mysteries between the ladies, and there’s always an interesting dynamic playing between the three, never the same two dealing with the third.  They all take turns being the drama and the support.  I really applaud the script on this issue, as it takes a very common practice across the country and paints it plainly for what it is: Boys treating girls as no more than the collection of their bodies’ attributes.  Taking a more realistic and rewarding approach than many comics (No lasers or spandex justice here, folks!), Allison resolves his characters’ distress with flair.

Lissa Treiman continues her very entertaining work in the series, finding a home somewhere between Adventure Time and Sally.  Keeping just enough of a cartoonish tone to justify some of the more outrageous moments, she maintains a solid reality that isn’t bent too out of shape by those very shenanigans.  Every character feels grounded in a real way, and her style allows for the turmoil to express itself far more satisfyingly than it does in life.  I feel that this heightens the message of the book and connects it to ourselves in a true artistic mirror, letting us see ourselves and our loved ones on the page.

If you’ve been reading so far, “Brava!” and you’ll certainly enjoy the maturation of the title.  For those who’ve been missing out, definitely check it out if you love smart, witty fun with pictures.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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