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Dark Horse FCBD 2015: Comic Book Sampler Review

Just a taste.

For Free Comic Book Day, Dark Horse presented us with three short stories from three of their heaviest hitters: Chuck Palahniuk with an intro to Fight Club #2; Eric Powell with his loveable lug, The Goon; and Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain.  Each writer gives a taste of the series that they’re best known for, which is great for newcomers and old fans alike.

Palahniuk sets the stage for his dramatic return to Tyler Durden and the people who are sucked into his vortex.  We are treated to a glimpse into the events that took place between the movie/book and the newest series sequel, roughly nine years later.  The fallout between “Sebastian” and Marla is huge and tragically anticipated, and the mind games don’t seem to have ended with the . . . explosive finale of the film.  A must-read for anyone chomping at the bit for the new series.

Eric Powell knows how to craft a story in any length.  In this shortened format, he manages to boil the essence of the Goon, his signature street thug with a heart of gold and agony-filled past, into a story that feels complete and true.  No pedestals erected, no soapbox stood upon, just a good look at the core of the character who I’ve found so captivating throughout his series.  Fearsome beasts from lore and legend tangle with the stoic guardian and manage to get a little truth doused on them with the beating they inevitably take.

Guilliermo del Torro is one sick, viscerally engaging storyteller, and this taste of The Strain will not leave your mental palette for a while.  Though not my personal cup of tea (I’m just not into THAT much horror . . . and there’s a lot here.), there’s no doubting the excellence of tone, pace, and layering of intrigue of the master himself.  The attention to detail in every character in every moment is what defines his style as a storyteller, taking the time to watch people tick and see just what lies within them.  And then, he pulls all that out onto the floor in a considerable mess, with much screaming.

This sampler is a really fun romp in the worlds of these creators and worth the pickup (especially since they’re free!).  If you didn’t manage to grab a copy, check in with your shop or borrow a friend’s.  These tales may end up in trade editions, but you’ll want to get on it as soon as you can.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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