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‘Hyperdork: Years and Years of Trauma’ – Comic Book Review

Here I come to save the date!

Jimmy Francis, an actor and standup comedian, tells his tale of being the guy in the room who’s just this side of cool.  Okay, perhaps a bit further to the side.  Jamie rocks on his guitar, gets laughs in the comedy club, and generally has his life together until it comes to talking to girls, in which case his intelligence high tails it, leaving his poor dignity shivering alone in the cold.  Embracing the kook inside, he becomes Hyperdork, making his awkwardness his super identity.

Francis has a fun, goofy style filled with wit and unexpected humor.  Though I would be hard pressed to denote a through-line or arc, this story feels honest and is good for getting some giggles, and it keeps the tone of everything lighthearted and airy.

Emily Drouin provides the visuals for this book and does a great job of it.  With a feel somewhere between Scott Pilgrim and those “cartoon yourself” comics on Facebook, Drouin’s style emphasizes the silly tone throughout the issue.  With a bright palate and the oversized physical features, there’s an ease to the flow of the panels that, while taking us on a flight of fancy, grounds us in the convention of hyperbole throughout.  It suggests just the right amount of over-the-top to soften any of the pillow fight-worthy conflict.

If you’re looking for a few laughs in a modern, Bugs Bunny kind of way, this comic should get onto your list pronto.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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