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‘Munchkin #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Halls?  Check.  Doors?  Check.  Loot it!

Tom Siddell is the man, this is a fact.  Mike Holmes makes the pictures in his head find lovely, comfy seats in yours.  Jim Zub is also the man, which is too, a fact.  Rian Sygh is a mother-pleasing sorcerer of image and light.

Siddell and Holmes give us a tale from the Space expansion, where Spyke, Lydia the Wizard, and Pix the Goblin are removed from their dungeon of choice by the crew of the ship Lovediamond, where Siddell manages to spoof ST:TNG pretty hard, along with some sublet nods to Red Dwarf. (Oh, you Englishmen, you.) The adventurers are given a glimpse into the selfless and advanced culture of a Federation-style civilization and basically “hear blah blah blah buttloads of diamonds.”  With entertaining twists and turns, it’s a tale told just for us sadistic nerds who love the game so very dearly.  Holmes once again puts his signature spin on the game’s visual style and rocks the house on it.  Go, Mr. Mittens.

In the backup slot, Zub puts us on another ship: this one upon the high seas.  A flimsy pirate recruitment plot serves to let himself cram as many amazing(ly awful) pirate puns into his page allotment as inhumanely possible.  They’re amazing and two or three made me giggle incessantly, but I’m a pun-loving kind of guy.  Sygh draws the madness magnificently, and only pushes Zub to greater heights of ridiculosity.

Buy this book, lock it away in a dungeon, and hope to high heaven that Spyke doesn’t hear about it.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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