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‘Gunnerkrigg Court Volume 1:’ Advance TPB Review

Neil Gaiman thinks this comic is awesome, and SO DO I. (You should obviously be more interested in Mr. Gaiman’s opinion, but you’re readingmy review, damnit.)

Okay, where to begin . . . ?  A young girl in an English-type boarding school navigates the ins and outs of the school that we all wished we had gone to, where myth, technology, and wacky/crazy, intelligent professors all combine with courtly intrigue, mystery, and HOLY COW THERE’S A LOT GOING ON HERE!

Sorry for shouting, I’m really, REALLY excited having just discovered this world.  Tom Siddell has a phenomenal grasp of so many wonderful mythologies and storytelling wonders and tosses them into a blender of cool to pour a lovely, virgin daiquiri of wow.  This is what Harry Potter fans must fee. I find myself wanting to quote things and wear a scarf.  Not really, they don’t have scarves, and in my humble opinion this is far and away a much better story. (Neil and I think it’s tops!  We’ve talked!) (Okay, I’ve never spoken with him, and he may slap me for as often as I’ve written his name in this review. Hello, top of the Google results page!)  Siddell has created amazingly complex and interesting characters who are incredibly rich and interesting.  Yes, the main character is a girl, and she’s awesome and powerful and composed and otherworldly and smart and morally intelligent, because she’s an awesome person and that’s what awesome people are.

The character designs are really simple and easy to identify with.  There’s never a confusion of who’s who, which is great because the story and antics within will usually be keeping you busy enough.  There’s a rich, deep mythos on display here, and the art style serves it lovingly, allowing the styles of the myths he’s borrowing from to inform and influence their appearance in his work.  This trade cover edition is simply beautiful.  There’s no reason this should not be on your shelf.  You can check out the Gunnerkrigg Court online, and once you start in, you’ll want to pick up this edition because of all of the awesome.  If not, consider donating some monies to Mr. Siddell, so that he can make more of this wonderful, engaging story.

If you like Harry Potter, The Dresden Files, or anything by the wonderful Neil Gaiman, you’re going to fall in love with this off-the-wall and deep world.  IT’S GOOD, Y’ALL!!!

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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