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‘Dream Reavers #2:’ Comic Book Review

Okay, I don’t call out covers often, but damn.  That’ll make you look twice.  Really, really great work.

The second issue of Dream Reavers starts with the bang we left at the end of last issue, and though the circumstances remain high and tense, the comedy and fun of this book get to flow through a bit.  Our protagonists have been gathered, a little more background on our protagonist that doesn’t seem to fit with the others, and the meeting at the end that promises answers, as well as giving us a big reveal.

I wasn’t quite sure where Raphael Moran was going to go with his dream-state fantasy, but it’s proving to be an interesting and fun ride.  There’s enough serious mystery with just a touch of high fantasy that allows the silly moments and the single fourth wall-breaking comment to really shine and be enjoyed without destroying the tempo and general feel of the work.  Moran gives us a world full of questions, and none feels like you could be satisfied without them being answered. 

Marc Borstel and guest artist Enrique Rivera can sure make some pretty work.  There’s a concise touch to the artwork that feels tight and only directed to telling the story.  There are certainly panels that you can get lost in, but each one drives you forward, keeping the pace of the storytelling on point throughout.

Anyone who digs a metaphysical journey through dreams and their power will want to check this out. It’s a fun voyage for fans of Raven and The X-Files alike.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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