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‘Ei8ht #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Here we go, kids!  It’s time to party.

The third issue of Rafael Albuquerque and Mike Johnson’s Ei8ht is an explosive showdown that we have only just begun to anticipate, and it’s ramping up to some awesome action.  The rebels find themselves at the mercy of another potential scourge, and the last pieces of the puzzle fall into place for our hero Joshua, though we’ll have to wait for the next issue to get more details.

This series has become my favorite of this year, even as young as it is.  Albuquerque and Johnson have imagined a wonderfully complex, time-bending story, and so far everything feels solid and on target for some sensational revelations.  This is sci-fi at the top of its form, and I’m really looking forward to what’s in store.

The Meld begins to get its own personality in this issue, becoming as much a character of the series as any other, much like the Island in Lost.  It doesn’t seem to have a will, but the intense study of Dr. Hamm (who is now in the past) reveals it to be a continuing force that must be addressed.  All of the pieces laid down in the first two issues start coming together faster, and it seems that we’ll be getting a clear picture sooner than I expected.  Not that I don’t want to know what is going on, but the style of Johnson’s writing is really good at forwarding and making the anticipation fun.  I’m hoping that the revelations will allow for the same breathless tension that I’ve enjoyed so far.

This series is really home to anyone who loved The Matrix, Lost, Fringe, Terminator, or any of the major science fiction milestones of the last decade or two.  This has the feel of a blockbuster, and you shouldn’t miss an issue.  It’s the kind of perspective-shifting world-building that makes for a glorious and wonderful, otherworldly romp. 

Check it out!  You won’t be disappointed.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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