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‘Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume 3 # 2’ – Advance Comic Book Review

A few more tales to pay for ales . . .

In this second collection of guest writers and artists, we are treated to three more superb additions to David Petersen’s world by some great storytellers.

First, “The Fall or Brierwall.”  C.M. Galdre chronicles a story of sacrifice and duty that fits perfectly into the medieval world of the Mouse Guard.  Nicole Gustafsson lends her deft touch to illustrating this tale of hardship, perfectly blending the dangers of the world brought to bear with the hope and resolution of the king and his daughter.  A story proving there is always more you can do for others is apropos for the world.

The third tale is “The Dancers,” written and drawn by Kyla Vanderklugt.  Disparate from the first, yet tied in with the middle tale (that I have skipped here. I promise I’ll be back to it.), “The Dancers” follows the unlikeliest of heroes managing to find an elegant and unsought solution to a grave danger.

Saving my favorite in this issue for last, the second and, by far, the shortest tale in this series is “Fallen,” completely told by Dustin Nguyen.  I’ve never seen so much conveyed in such a small number of panels; the precision and depth of the storytelling here is not to be missed.  This is short-form storytelling artistry at its finest, and I couldn’t point to any other example in anything I’ve yet read.  It’s a beautiful, haunting piece of work, and I would have been content had it been the only three pages in the issue.  Seriously, if you’re a student of the style or just want to see what mastery can be achieved in this art form, this story is absolutely for you.

Can’t wait to see the next issue’s stories!

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