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‘Feathers #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I am really, really mad right now.  Two reasons:

1.  I have to wait another month for the next issue of this incredible series.
2.  There are only two issues left.  WHY?!

Jorge Corona has an incredible storytelling acumen, every page is filled with crisp, phenomenal panels that convey every piece of the tale he’s weaving while still somehow managing to make you want more.  The best laid plans of the Mice have gone sour, and, as a result, there’s a race with no points for second.  We are given a large clue as to the identity of the mysterious stranger who’s been rounding up the Mice, but with so many tantalizing questions in the air, I can’t be sure if it’s a true tell or not . . . I really can’t wait for the next issue!!!

Corona has crafted a wonderful tale that’s half Dickens, half H.G. Wells, with a subtle color of Lovecraft underlying it all.  There’s such a rich history in this world that it feels like we’re only getting the barest glimpse of it, and I really don’t know how he’s going to tie everything up in the last two issues.  I’ve come to very much enjoy the mystery and am eager to see how all of the pieces come together.

Without hyperbole, I would say that this series should be up for the Eisner.  It has an intricate, nuanced world, where story and art come together in a magical and otherworldly way.  This is the kind of work that stands above itself and transforms the media to art, and I can only hope that everyone else can appreciate it.  Yes, it’s an all-ages book, but there’s a maturity to it that cannot be denied, and no one reading it at any age would find anything missing from this fun, engaging, and well-paced work.  If you’ve missed any issues so far, I’d recommend picking them up, and I can only hope that the series will continue beyond its limited run here.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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