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‘Regular Show Volume 3:’ Advance TPB Review

This trade captures one of my favorite arcs of the series so far and includes some of the backup stories (including my favorite from Free Comic Book Day) from thatrun.  Unhappy with the order from Benson to clear out old things for a garage sale, Rigby discovers something sinister that proves a threat to the park, and the world (bah bah bahhhh!!!).  This comic is aimed at anyone who enjoyed a fad or two before the Y2K bug annihilated the world we knew and strikes fantastic notes throughout.

KC Green crafts a great arc that fits within the weirdness of the show, one involving the spirit of the ’90s and working the nostalgia angle as well as any episode of the show.  That’s part of what I’ve loved so much about the series, grabbing different themes and ideas from days past, whether it be ’70s, ’80s, or even the aughts (’cause we’re gonna bring that term back from the ’20s, right?) and throwing them at some kids (No good kids, don’t know anything!  Get off my lawn!) who learn the power of the past while learning maybe a lesson or two. (Grandpa’s appeased, now where’s my Werther’s candies?)  Also, finding joy in the silliness of yesteryear.

Allison Strejlau has a great style and a lot of fun when it comes to the artwork in this series and hits every note of the show spot on.  Comedy hinges on quick and disconnected changes, and Strjlau can flip the tone of a page in a heartbeat with the technique of some of the greats, throwing visual and story gags at us with pinpoint precision (and her ability with a Tamagotchi belies not only great storytelling but also a deep appreciation and familiarity with a little digital friend in days gone by).  I really enjoy her style and wit that she displays here.

If you’re a fan of the show, then you’ll definitely want to check out this trade. If you’re like me and enjoy an arc together rather than collecting issues, if you’ve not encountered the series before in either medium, and you like MAD-style fun-poking at our collective past (when we were so cool), then this book should make your list this week.

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