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‘Feathers #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

One good turn deserves another . . .

Jorge Corona continues his tale of Victorian otherworld-ness in the third issue of Feathers.  Poe’s father finds out exactly what his boy has been up to, Bianca wants to find her way home, and the Mice just want to live in peace, and not pieces.

Corona has such a refined pacing to this deep and interesting adventure, with layers of political intrigue, pulse-pounding flights, and mythical wonderment that balance and support each other in a fantastic way.  It’s such a delicate and intelligent mix that shows what kind of talented hand he has in crafting his story.  Each panel comes alive, following a breathless pace that urges you to find out more.  Though it contains action, betrayal, friendship, and harsh realities, there’s something new and exciting about the way that they’re put together in this story.

I really can’t speak enough of what I find to be brilliant about this book, knowing there’s only three issues left. I want to know everything about this world, and the convolutions in the storyline make me hope that there’s enough time for the story to reach the potential I’m hoping for.  It’s a great feeling to have reading an issue, and, so far, every one has been right in that zone.

There’s a Star Wars-sized scope to this world, and it’s so much fun seeing all the little details that Corona has paid attention to that makes this more like peeking into a full other world than just another story.  This will be a place like Narnia or Middle Earth, fantastic lands that I’m always sad to close a page on, and I can’t wait to see the balance of this remarkable series.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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