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‘The Third: Rebirth #1’ – Comic Book Review

A universe was born of three things: a positive force; a negative one; and a third.  One of balance.

This is the basis for Steven Prince’s The Third, a space-faring adventure where politics and religious domination attempt to control the building blocks of creation itself.  Into this mix is thrown a young woman who happens upon this mystical object and a thief who gets caught up in the mix.

There are some powerful messages in this work, and the story doesn’t stick to tried and true tropes, but mines ideas and fleshes them out fully, so that instead of mindless space folk, we are presented with characters of depth and quality that can surprise us, which is always fun.  Prince has a strong grasp of who these characters are and what they need and conveys a mystery that is subtle, yet engaging.

Prince also handles the artwork on this solo project, and, though raw, these characters take on a life unto themselves in a way that only a labor of love can express.  At times, it reads like a more fluid storyboard, but the choice to keep a black-and-white theme is central to the story as a whole and reinforces the underlying foundations of the universe.
Witty banter, fierce action, and a corrupt moral leader figure into an adventure that mixes equal parts Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Aeon Flux.  There’s a lot to be enjoyed on these pages, and you’ll not regret taking the trip.

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