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‘Millennium #1:’ Comic Book Review

The truth is out there.

Chris Carter’s two late ’90s series combine in this tribute to the weirdness of the occult by Joe Harris.  A man convicted in one of Agent Mulder’s investigations is granted parole, and, once loose, starts having the visions that began his heinous acts before.  Confiding in Frank Black, Mulder tries to unravel the mysteries of this suddenly fresh case.

The tone of The X-Files is captured perfectly from the perfunctory court scenes to the simple, deadpan deliveries of Agent Mulder.  I never caught an episode of Millennium, but I was a huge fan of Chris Carter’s work in my youth and would often catch myself freaked out by Mulder and Scully’s exploits.  I felt like I had graduated from Are You Afraid of the Dark? to this dark world of mystery and shadowy derring-do.  Millennium had looked like it had a lot of promise, and I wish I had been able to watch.

Colin Lorimer lends a phenomenal atmosphere to the book, and it just feels right.  The X-files never had the overlaid grittiness; the rooms were always stark and lonely in a very real way, and the details in this issue match it perfectly.  Joana Lafuente’s color work highlights the slight, almost crispness that syncs so well with the style of the cinematography.

If you were a fan of either show, you’ll definitely enjoy this version of a pre-opening teaser.  There’s enough history here with more looks at what I can only imagine as the supernatural antagonist in detail than I was used to in the show, but the medium translates and elevates the series and allows for more to be shown.  I always liked the aesthetic of the way that the show told their tales, and this new series looks like it will be a good fit.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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