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‘Dungeons & Dragons: Legends of Baldur’s Gate 4’ – Advance Comic Book Review

The legend continues . . .

The last issue left us with a great cliffhanger, and though this one takes a few pages to get started, boy, do things get interesting fast.  We get a little peek of the past to solidify the relationship between our pro and antagonist, the seeds of side stories begin to take root with tertiary characters, and someone gets a hell of a lot more than they bargained for.

Zub is still hitting all the right notes with this series, and the layers of story overlapping make me happier than a miniature, giant space hamster just vanquishing some evil.  As I’m DMing my own quest, this book makes me feel like I’m getting to play a character for myself, and it’s really refreshing.  The story is nuanced and intelligently laid out, but he never loses the sensibility of what an adventure needs to be exciting, and that’s adventure!  There’s a good balance of exposition and s–t flat out getting crazy that keeps the pages turning quickly, it’s becoming a joy ride through one of my favorite worlds and is awesome.

Dunbar is keeping it tight with the visuals as usual. He’s got such a keen sense of drawing combat; there are no wasted panels or energy, every strike makes complete sense, and the subtlety of maneuvers is stellar to witness.  There’s such a sense of motion in these panels, and it sweeps you along, not quite sure what’s ahead, like being pulled into rapids.

This team has achieved the delicate balance of continuing exposition and flat out slamfest with crazy “what the . . .” moments that make you wonder how anyone will ever get out alive.  This series has been great so far, and each issue makes me wish the next was coming out the next day.  It’s a solid balance that anyone who digs D&D and high fantasy should jump onto.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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