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‘Regular Show #19:’ Comic Book Review


In the last issue, Mordecai and Rigby were granted wishes by a genie, and now they live in awesomeness all the time.

No, sorry, it IS Mordecai and Rigby we’re talking about.  Also, a genie story, so there’s that.  I Iove giving the players in my D&D campaigns wishes, ’cause then I get to think up all the ways to screw it up.  When your dudes work at the park, though, screwing up just happens.

Let me say up front how much I dig Andy Hirsch’s cover.  I don’t typically talk about cover art, but this one stands out.  My wife isn’t a big fan of the show (Rolled eyes and a sigh are typical when she walks in the room and it’s on.), and even she giggled at the simple honesty presented in the image.  Well done.

Nick Sumida has a fantastic grasp on what makes the Regular Show series so great, the mashing up of real-world drudgery sprinkled with fantasical moments and events that get weird so very quickly, and the most chuckled-headed, yet endearing, losers to handle it.  Though it is a genie story (wish, regret, repeat), it has the typical Regular Show slant that makes it unique and awesome in its own way.  The story isn’t about them learning the lesson (’cause that’s not what they do), but we can appreciate and learn from it while they just focus on fixing it.

Allison Strejlau makes the show’s art style come alive, and everything feels very tight and in-world.  I love her take on the genies and the subtle jabs at the presiding culture that she puts out there.

The bonus story by Derek Fridolfs is awesome and a pure distillation of an episode.  He does great work in the short amount of space he works in, and the final panel is a great payoff to a solid storyline.

If you dig the antics at the park from the show, you’ll definitely love the authenticity that this team brings to the world.  And, if you’ve wondered what the fuss is about with this bird and raccoon, then check this issue out to get a great taste of what makes it so endearing.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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