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‘Plants vs. Zombies: Timepocalypse’ – Advance Hardcover Review

Garble tooble mashed sopato flootin bat . . .

Thanks, Crazy Dave, but I’ve got it from here.

Welcome to the Plants vs. Zombies world!  If you’re a fan of the game like I am, you’re going to love this book, compiling the 6 issues of the digital comic.  If you’re looking at me like I’ve got a badger stuck in my beard, well, then let me explain.

The concept is simple and effectively fun:  Zombies are coming, and the only tools you have to fight them are weaponized versions of lawn plants with amazingly pun-tastic names like Pea-shooter and Bonk Choy.  The first game just introduced you to Crazy Dave who speaks in gibberish (See above.) and is basically an idiot, but he knows how to protect his home from the horde.  In the second game, we’re treated to Dave’s quest to re-eat a delicious taco leading him to invent a time machine. This is where the comic starts 🙂

We’re also given a more intelligent and less brain-focused leader in Zomboss, and he provides the first few pages with an amazing dumb-luck villian with troubles that had me giggling already.  The pained expression on his face while he deals with his idiotic minions is priceless and driven well by the plot.  Dave’s cohorts are treated to a wonderfully condensed exposition and are then off to save the world, time-hopping style.

The artwork is great and feels like it was pulled right out of the game, and the story and styling reflect the tone perfectly, so much so that I kept expecting to transition into a level after each page.  Fans of the game will love the tone, and newcomers can see just what it is about this property that gives people such joy without all that pesky “having to play things” in the way.

Wonderful fun and silliness await you in this book, and you’ll be sure to leave it with a smile on your face and zombie bits on your lawn.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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