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‘Separators #2:’ Comic Book Review

The cover shows us that we’re getting the wedding that was only proposed in the last issue, which I had remarked seemed sudden and a touch out of nowhere.  Well, this issue proved the choice was an interesting and well founded one, and not only came as a complete surprise, but also made more sense of it than I could have imagined.  I’m not giving anything away here, but if you were having a bit of a head-scratcher after Issue #1, then you’ll be ripe for an ah-ha! moment that’s handled more subtly than I would have expected.

We’re introduced more properly to the wielder of the Fire Xenoglyph, and writer Spahi starts fleshing out the world that he has begun to weave for us.  We get a little more of a sense of the history of passing down the stones from generation to generation, and he does a great job of laying in the subtle feeling of antiquity meeting present day in a way that makes sense with such relics of power.

There still seems like gaps in the panels, but now I feel like they’re more of a way to get to the overarching story points and avoid delving into the minutia than missing beats.  Anything that feels missed now seems like it will be given to us with a deft hand right when it will impact most.

The art continues to be top notch, and the action sequences are handled well, with a sense of the physical and mystical power that the characters are able to wield.  There seems to almost be a visual theme for each Separator’s style of story, and I’m most interested in the family that he continues to introduce us to that hasn’t taken off story-wise just yet.

There’s a lot of promise to this series and this writer, and I’m interested to see both of them grow.

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