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‘Separators #1:’ Comic Book Review

Gotta keep ‘em separated.

Okay, sorry.  But, that’s the goal of Steven, wielder of one of the Xenoglyphs, to keep the remaining Xenoglyphs out of the hands of the Master of Evil, who would unite them and unleash an unspecific, but certainly devastating, effect upon the world.

The story begun in Xenoglyphs continues in Separators #1, and we see what is in store for our heroes now that their greatest fear has been realized:  That someone has taken on the job of collecting the magical stones and that they now have to stop them.  The Xenoglyphs imbue the power of the gods upon mortals and have been responsible for the legends of the gods of old.  Wielding the Light Xenoglyph, Steven seeks out other Separators with the powers of Zues at his command.

The story moves well and has a good pacing, though, at times, some elements seem a touch jarring.  Surprises not supported by earlier events, I would say, but that doesn’t pull much from the solidity of the story.  There’s a great world built here, and Omar Spahi keeps it consistent throughout both of these series and is continuing to set up more excitement to come.=

This book reminds me of Animorphs or Captain Planet, and anyone who enjoyed them growing up will feel right at home in this new series.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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