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‘The Bigger Bang #2:’ Comic Book Review

Where does a 500-lb. gorilla sit?  Wherever he pleases.

In The Bigger Bang, we are presented with a being that has already destroyed a universe and now is trotting around in another, flying through space without a ship and generally causing panic wherever he goes; however, we are presented with a truly gentle giant, a man who feels the guilt and loneliness that one doesn’t typically expect from a destroyer of worlds.

However peaceable he may endeavor to be, when he chooses to let loose, there is an awesome power to be reckoned with, and we realize that it wasn’t some goomba hitting a “Don’t Press” button, but an entity of true and frightening power.  No one seems to want him around, save an Imperial despot, and it’ll be interesting to see which of their wills will prevail.

The art choices are really interesting, an almost watercolor style that never brings an image into complete focus, making you work at the image to truly comprehend it and suggesting an otherworldly quality.  I tend to enjoy cleaner imagery, but there’s a great tone to the work that makes me forget my preferences and draws me into this odd and off-kilter world.

There’s a really interesting world being assembled here, and I hope it lasts a while, if our cosmic gorilla can keep from going all smash all over it.

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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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