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‘Andie and the Alien:’ Graphic Novel Review

Andie and the Alien

Andie and the AlienIn 1445, an alien crash lands on American soil. Hurt, the alien plants a protective force field around all of the Americas that will stay in place until help arrives. Five hundred years later, the world as we know it has changed: Hitler wins WWII and takes over the entire world, except for the Americas, a land no one has been able to penetrate, let alone colonize.

Now, the fate of Earth is up to an alien who has responded to the distress signal and spent the last 500 years traveling to Earth, as well as a young scientist, Andie, and Albert Einstein (naturally!) to stop the Third Reich and uncover the mysteries of the Americas.

The artwork in Andie and the Alien flows well, and the story reads flushed out and complex. If you are a history enthusiast or a fan of alternate pasts, this graphic novel is for you! The alternate history is really well done. In fact, my only complaint is that the story wasn’t a bit longer. I wouldn’t have minded spending more time in this world.

This graphic novel is based on the fable Androcles and the Lion, which has an overall moral of gratitude towards all living things. Andie and the Alien gives a lot to think about and imagine. It is worth a read!

Andy and the Alien is a graphic novel by Philip Phillipson and Brian Phillipson with artwork by Alex Nino. This is the novel’s first printing through Bliss on Tap Publishing. It is a softcover with 108 pages in full color.



Ellen Tremiti, Fanbase Press Contributor



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